Oslated – V.A – Jeju Island

Oslated’s third compilation album “V.A – Jeju Island” will be released this winter.
This compilation is consisted of meaningful tracks produced by significant producers from various parts of the world who also contributed to Oslated mix and releases and have a good friendship with Oslated Seoul.The titles of the tracks are about my feeling that I experienced at Jeju island. This tracks are based on the abstract relationship through the continuous communication between me and the artists.

V.A – Jeju Island [Coming soon / OSC003]

Participating artists. (in alphabetical order)
01. Alume – Hy’naku
02. ≠ asymmetric – The Rain & The Storm
03. Ben Kaczor & Morphing Territories – Halla 한라
04. Bmbmnd – Evaporite
05. Comarobot – Baengnokdam 백록담
06. Cyme (Romi Hz) – Biyangdo 비양도
07. Earthen Sea (Jacob Long) – Seolmundae 설문대할망
08. Eyvind Blix – In A Safe Place
09. Hyein – Soggy Eyes To Winter Light
10. Kannabi (Masashi Takemoto) – Cheonjiyeon 천지연
11. Massa – Magma
12. Scøpe – Geumoreum 금오름
13. Antoine Stigr – Underground Sea
14. Skóll – Sarang 사랑
15. Xylème – Seongsan 성산일출봉
16. ID – ID

Oslated Seoul.

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