Oslated is a label for underground local artists in and around Seoul. We have been building a platform that assembles talented local underground musicians and supports them. We have been managing an international podcast series and local parties in Seoul. Also by releasing albums, we have been introducing talented local artists to listeners.

Lavera made her career as a Techno DJ at the underground Club ’15 Feet Under’ in Busan, Korea. Now, resident DJ at Seoul based techno label Oslated. With its focus on melodic sound, she is thrilled and inspired by the discovery of psychedelic sounds, space sounds through various genre such a Techno, Deep House and Ambient. She is listening to her discovery of a colorful sound that inspires her. And she try to understand the ‘story’ of music. Based on these efforts, she plays her own special emotions.

Lavera (Oslated / Seoul)

Oslon is a Seoul based musician, who explores inherent sound of nature and earth, and psychedelic elements hidden in it. Memories soaked in the abyss are something he enjoys to portrait through the medium, sound. Having started his musical career as a drummer of a rock band, over 20 years he had been dealing with various genre of musics and instruments. In 2016, he teamed up with Eexxppoann. ‘Modus Tollens’, this newly born project duo is gearing up to experiment their musical collision.
Meanwhile, Oslon strives to introduce Korean and overseas underground artists through his own mix & label ‘Oslated’.

Oslon (Oslated / Seoul)

Jacopo is an Italian born / Berlin based freelance graphic designer, dj and label manager.

Jacopo founded Midgar in 2014, curating not only the A&R side but also the visual aesthetic of each release. The label debuts with a four-track ep from Japanese producer Wata Igarashi, a key player of Tokyo’s deep techno scene.

Midgar has a wide range of interests spanning from deep, ambient and psychedelic techno and is aimed to bring a new and meaningful sound, loaded with positive energy. The label has since released records from Ruhig, r2π, Ruff Cherry, Von Grall, Shaded Explorer and remix collaborations from the likes of Orphx, Yves De Mey, Nuel and Shawn O’Sullivan. The most recent release is the re-issue of Susumu Yokota’s seminal album Acid Mt. Fuji from 1994.

Jacopo  (Midgar Records / Berlin)