In de reeks interviews is het vandaag de beurt aan Destination Unknøwn. Destination Unknøwn heb ik ontdekt via Mike Deem (check zijn interview hier) die het album van Destination Unknøwn in zijn lijst van favoriete tracks plaatste.

How did you start  your career in music as a dj and producer?

When I was 14 years old and living in the UK, I went on holiday to my home country Portugal where I visited some clubs with my older cousins. That’s when I discovered the music scene and DJ world. I got completely absorbed by music and deejaying so I decided to leave the UK and move to Portugal. I knew I would not have access to the clubscene in the UK.  So I moved to Portugal, learned how to DJ and I got my first DJ residence as warm-up DJ when I was fifteen.

After that, I got residencies in bigger clubs like the legendary Swing Club Porto, which was at that time one of the best clubs in Europe. Those residencies gave me  access to the rave seen in the 90s.

The music production came later. I gave DJ courses at Danceplanet, a music store and party organiser. Danceplanet was a big player in the 90s dance scene and it’s currently still supporting lots of artists in Portugal. Through Danceplanet I got access to hardware synths and drumcomputers and my interest in music production started to grow more and more. I signed my first record deal around 2001 and from then my complete focus was on creating tracks. Making tracks took over my life and till today there’s nothing else that gives me the similar feeling as when I’m in a studio making  music.

How would you describe your style?

To me, I work in a space techno environment. This environment gives me the freedom to create different kinds of techno. Sometimes more towards the dancefloor, other times more mental or deep. The main focus is to make music that sounds like the future. It’s a musical translation of an inspiring sci-fi movie which plays in my head.

Can you tell me a bit about the labels on which you release?

During the years I have more than 100 releases under my real name Nuno Bessa on many labels. It was a process of experimenting and developing my music, trying to find my own sound.

At the beginning of 2016 I got a bit tired of making music. Also I didn’t really got the support from the labels I was working for. So I started to work under the Destination Unknøwn alias. Now I only work with labels who have a more professional approach to music and artists.

I released on Steve Parker label Spark Musik, Analog, Sunora Recordings, Aesir, and probably the label were I feel most at home is Kuiper Noise From Hollden which has been making a great work putting my music out there.

What are your favorite tracks of the moment?

At the moment i have been playing many things from Steve Parker, Re : Axis, Tensal, Abstract Division, Etapp Kyle.

Which artists inspire you?

Trent Reznor has an amazing mind. Plastikman & jeff mills are the visionaries. Ben Klock as being a great DJ. Colin Benders is one of the best live acts ever and  Liam Howlett for what he accomplished.

What’s your favorite place to play?

There are many good venues where I had the opportunity to play my home country Portugal and Europe. The best connection with the crowd is when I’m playing in Germany and it’s probably my favorite place to play.

What’s the best place for the readers of the blog to find out more about you and your gigs?

I have my facebook pages and my website where there’s always an updated info about new releases &  gigs. People can find me also me on Twitter and instagram

My releases can be found on Bandcamp:

Bandcamp :

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